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Email Marketing

Q:  How much money can you make with a simple marketing email?

A:  Quite a bit, assuming the open rate and conversion rate are at a target amount.  However, it doesn’t take much to earn a great profit:

Let’s say you had 10,000 names in your subscriber list.  For each product the email is marketing, your profit is $49.  If you sent out an email that brings in just a 1% conversion rate – you’d make $4,900 . . . Not bad, eh?

This is the kind of money you never make without a loyal subscriber list and a strategic e-mail strategy.

What kind of email does it take?  It needs a subject line that can’t helped but be opened.

. . . And with valuable content that makes your prospect read the email to the very end, and then take action by clicking on the desired link.

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