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“I realized that if I wanted to be a writer, it wasn’t going to just happen. I wasn’t going to wake up one day to find that I had a masterpiece magically completed.  So I found Brad.  Brad’s been an inspiration and well-focused creator to our organization.  Don’t make a big mistake, put Brad on your ‘work with’ list.”

Michael O’Grady
Stella Pop Ad Agency
Reston, VA

“Brad composed a wide array of content for my three companies, including B2C and B2B content.  He brings a deep knowledge of marketing and all of its facets.  He can adjust to virtually any form of writing.”

Dan Rahaini
CEO & Entrepreneur
Sydney, Australia

“When I hired Brad to develop a marketing strategy for my company, he knew virtually nothing about my industry – which is mediation.  He quickly acclimated to both the history and current mediation climate – and then was able to brand us and produce results-oriented content.” 

James MacPherson
CEO & International Mediator
Toronto, Canada

“One of things I admired about Brad was his use of language.  He developed a style that was
dynamic, but didn’t call attention to itself.  His communication is effective and emotional.”

Adam Novak
The William Morris Agency
Beverly Hills, CA